Letter from slave


1..Dear Mistress Christy, you are patient, thoughtful, discreet, giving, warm, real, naughty, exciting, dangerous, persistent, insistent, goddess-like, beautiful, gentle, sensual, wild, hot, kinky, feminine, strong, sexy, bold, irresistible, unforgettable and wonderful.( slave from korea)

2.Dear Mistress Christy, I love YOUR new photos on YOUR web site.  I also have read YOUR new introduction and am fascinated by it.  It seems that some have not shown YOU proper respect which is very hard for me to understand.  I agree that there is a mind set in many uneducated or inexperienced people that Asian women are submissive and could not possibly understand what it means to truly dominate.  I have to admit that this myth only fuels my desire to be owned and dominated by an Asian woman. 
Respect will never be an issue with me. I will always treat YOU like the goddess that YOU are and will always believe that any I might spend with YOU will be a privilege and an honor for me.  Being YOUR slave would be a fulfillment that i have sought for many years.  I have followed YOU via YOUR websites for the past several years from mistress christy.com ,to dominachristy.com ,to YOUR current page.  To me YOU are the most consistent, most honest and sincere person in this scene. Yours forever (Eric) 
3.Dear Mistress Christy, Firstly let me thank you for a very entertaining two hours yesterday.
You are a very good sensual Mistress, far better than I even imagined and it was a very nice experience to spank your cute bottom.
I will pass word around to some of my friends whom may visit Bangkok and really look forward to another visit myself.( David)

3.some of my slave, he did' t know what he like and he sent e-mail about his fantasy but after I start session, all his fantasy I did, but his reaction when I did I can see he never enjoy , after that I change I not follow his fantasy.then he enjoyed, look at his e-mail he sent to me another day to thank you.
Was happy with our session on wednesday (2 PM). It was an interesting experience for me, even if I didn't like many things... I specially enjoyed the wrestling. I also want to congratulate you for your work as a mistress, you really put your heart into it. Best regards(Vincent)
4.Dear Mistress Christy, The session with you was exhausting (I slept for the whole day after that) but extremely satisfying. When you "violated" my backside, you used the pillow to further stifle me on top of the gag, it made me really felt the sense of being raped. When you used the electric ring on my cock, I felt being controlled and couldn't go against you. Whenever I recall all these, I feel so excited that I wish I am already by your side serving you, punished by you and abused by you. How I wish the bounds could be tighter, the spank could be harder....(singapore slave)(09/12/2008

5.Dear Mistress Christy,Thank you a lot, you are the best without doubt, very strict and very expert (indian slave)(14/12/2008)

6.Hi Christy, Wow!!  YOU are everything that i had hoped for and more.Not only are YOU even more beautiful than I imagined but YOU are a caring professional and that is rare in these days.
It was a pleasure to meet YOU and YOUR beautiful sister.  YOU are both World Class in my book.
I love YOUR country and am anxious to return to see more.
Thanks for everything.
YOURS,John (15/12/2008) 

7.Dear Mistress Christy, It has been a long time since my session with you in October. I would like to come to Bangkok again in January. If you have time, may I see you in January? I dream of being your toilet slave again, but if possible, much longer and harder than the first time. I dream of being helpless beneath you as you push me far beyond the peak of my excitement and beyond my desire. 
   You know why being your toilet is so exciting to me? You are not just beautiful and seductive. You frighten me with your power to seduce me. Serving you in such an extreme way is scary too, but that is part of what makes it so wonderful.My fear of this is what excites me most. You have great power to seduce me by describing what you will do to me and how helpless I will be. The sight of you in your everyday clothes alone makes me weak. The scent of your feet makes me even weaker and the more of your precious sweat in your stockings the more I fall under your spell. The taste of your pee takes away my will to be free. But I really welcome you to push me BEYOND my desire, to fill me with so much of your shit that heaven and hell become one. I may begin to struggle. The more I struggle and beg you to stop, the more you can force me to swallow.... I may begin to panic! But I give all my power to you. The more you force and feed me in my fear and panic, the deeper and harder you can drive me into unforgettable submission and worship of you.Yours,Rick1

8.Dear Ms Christy, Dear Ms Aria,Thank you for a wonderful session this weekend. I was exhausted and sore afterwards - which gives me something more to remember you by.Thanks too to Ms Christy for joining in. That was very hot.
Have a wonderful week.Rick2.( 17/12/2008)

9.Hello Mistress Christy,(my best session I ever have)
I just want say Thank you for this wonderfull and inensiv Meeting, I never would expect before that i can do all this thing's for my Mistress. After i have to carry your Caviar with my mouth to the toilet i was very affraid the hole session that you do it again.....but oh my god i was very happy that it dont happend to me. also the gay thing..i have it in my mind before ,But i always was the meaning i have to have a relationship with the woman and feel save!!!!!!I still have swollen knee's,ear's and tongue.my ass is also still red. have some mark;s arround my body now from bondage and camps,but i love them. I really enjoy the heavy Bondage and wish you could do it even harder, i love when i'm helppless and loosing the feeling.this day i fel some pain all over my body in my bones.........i also really enjoy the Launch situation.......next time you can film-viedeo me .when you give you champange in my foon and than press my had in laugh..........i also
enjoy it when i was tied down and you just tell me open you mouth slave i have to pee , but dont swallow it just keep it....very good idea......in the end THIS was my best Session i ever have with a mistress ,so good and of corse you are my dreammistress....i really hope i have done not to many mistakes and you also cult enjoy it......when i;m back in BKK i defently visit you again...but hopefully i have enough money to stay longer.....to be you Slave.my Empress
some pic;s for you will follow when i'm at home!!!
Geeting your salve and Property(german slave from 14/1/2009)

10.Dear Mistress Christy,Yes Mistress, I am YOUR slave at all times and my first priority is always to please YOU.  I will send an initial report on Thursday and then a weekly update if that is ok with YOU. 
i am sorry to have presented myself to YOU in such bad condition.  Thank YOU for sparing me the severe punishment that i deserved for that offense.  Iunderstand the standards that YOU have after seeing them first hand and realize how lucky i am to have been allowed in to YOUR world.  YOU are stunningly beautiful and YOUR dungeon is the most immaculate that i have seen.  It is also the last one that i will see until YOU move to another, if i am lucky enough to remain YOURS.
   It is very cold now where I live.  I miss the warmth of YOUR country and it's people and especially miss the hard floor that I came to know during the fastest 6 hours i have ever seen.  It is funny how time perspective can be changed so suddenly.  A week long stay that would have seemed too long to me before, now seems too short of a time to be at the feet of my beautiful GODDESS. I guess that is the magic of MISTRESS CHRISTY.
I am still tingling. YOURS,John(17/12/2008)

11.Dear Mistress Christy,My nipples are sore,my penis is burning, my mind is blocked as i only think about you,how do you do that? this is only a start(as you always said)i am so obsessed by you after level 3 or 4only... what eles is there to come, I am your slave so deeply already and don't even have rules, what will happen to me when I get 30 or even more rules? MY life is changing since I met you(your devote property) Germany slave from 12/1/2009

12"Bangkok's Mistress Christy, wrestling, foot, & toilet slavery."Spending time in recent months in Bangkok I've become a friend and fan of the charming, seductive Thai Mistress Christy. She's very experienced and intelligent, and it shows. Her calm, confident demeanor commands admiration and respect but to this she also adds an obvious talent for getting into my head, and a playful appetite for the bizarre. Physically, she's a slim, strong, lithe natural beauty with (as far as I've ever seen) flawless skin. I'd say she's as attractive without makeup in the morning as she is all dressed up or even decked out in fetish gear.
I believe Mistress Christy's interests and skills are quite diverse, which allows her a lot of creativity and adaptibility. I found her a masterful but patient mistress who skillfully inspired my imagination and trust in our first session. The second time we met, we chatted over dinner before an overnight session at which she offered me a surprising, special treat. Aware of my responsiveness to scent, she offered to to the session immediately after her gym workout.

A beautiful woman, normally clean and fresh with lily-scented creams and faint echoes of bath gel lingering faintly on her pores, can in some cases drive home her dominance with all the more captivating power if she allows herself the liberty of sweating a little. Or a lot. I'd say it depends on the emotional and physical chemistry between mistress and slave. The first time I met her, Mistress Christy wasted no time in ordering me to cover my nose with the soles of her recently worn stockings. Actually, I could barely detect that they had been worn, but the bold gesture impressed me all the same. Had more of her scent been apparent, I'm sure it would only have been more intoxicating. Anyway, when she arrived from her workout, she was still clad in a tight bodysuit and her skin looked flushed and moist. If that's unconventional attire for a mistress, it's only a testament to her flexibility. And don't think she wasn't dominant: her eyes and confident bearing made this clearer to me than any corset or whip could.

She ordered me to disrobe, then expertly tied me, spread eagled to the bed. Sitting astride, aglow with perspiration or anticipation or maybe a bit of both, she teased, threatened, and reveled in my helplessness. Slowly, she unlaced and removed her shoes. Finally, she stood, rubbed one of her sock-clad feet over my nose and grabbed hold with her toes. There was still barely any scent -- I guess she is someone whose sweat doesn't smell. Looking for more of a reaction, she replaced her foot with her shoe, shoved my nose deep inside and ordered me to inahle. The scent was a little stronger, but still erotic. Part of me wished it were far more intense. If I breathed through my mouth, she had my whole body exposed to punish. There really wasn't any escaping, and I started to feel increasingly excited. But she was just getting started.

I'd been intrigued to learn that wrestling was among her interests, and I had never wrestled a woman before. I didn't expect Mistress Christy to want any more than fantasy wrestling with me because I'm a lot bigger. But she released me from my bonds and challenged me to escape from a variety of holds, from arm-bars to head-scissors to full nelsons. It was semi-competitive, and took me much effort and the advantage of my ticklish chin stubble to escape from a couple of the holds, while others seemed impossible, even painful. After a workout, you'd think she'd have been tired. Her big smile at the end of the match made me very happy.

Mistress Christy has other talents of course. For example, she can shit just about whenever she wants to; and (exciting news for me) this was one such time. First she filled me with her piss, then she sat on my face and ordered my tongue into her ass. It wasn't long before my tongue was being forced right back out. It was sensual and thrilling, although there wasn't very much. The next morning, I drank from her again, then got dressed and dashed out to pick up some breakfast for her. Now, despite using me the night before, she had enjoyed a large, healthy dinner and soon it was time for round two. This time, she tied my wrists to my ankles, leaving me helpless. And she had much more to offer, too. Wow! To part of me, it was a hard punishment, but at the same time to another part, it was a sensual, erotic, and intensely exciting thrill.

She's a caring mistress: next time, she says, she may use real physical force, maybe pushing her shit down my throat with her own ass as she fills me, and not letting me stop swallowing until she's done. I look forward to that treatment with both fear and arousal. She may really drive me crazy before my will to fight gets driven far enough that it's transformed into deeply worshipful acceptance. She hinted that she might even like to invite her younger sister to use me in a similar manner. We shall have to see... perhaps!
- Umiotoko(15/01/2009)

13 Hi Mistress Christy, I am just wanted to write and express a huge thank you for the three sessions we had together this week. You truly are the best Mistress I have served. I have been fortunate to meet over 40 in different parts of the world but none come close to you.
Not only are you stunning to look and watch wielding your whip or tying me up but wonderful to chat to, which made the whole experience of being in your presence so enthralling. You took me to places in my mind where I have never been before and I look forward to returning there again soon.
Your immediate understanding of my personality, body, fantasies and needs was amazing and it meant I got great value from every minute of being under your control.
     My hope was to meet you for the first time and come away satisfied after our sessions. This has been the case with my previous visits to Mistresses. However, this time I left you feeling physically satisfied having had the deepest orgasms ever but not satisfied mentally as I crave for more and more. Normally it takes days or weeks for me to need to return to Mistress but in your case the burning desire to be under your control has not subsided at all. You have really left your mark on me, both in mind and body…
With much gratitude from your humble slave.(16/04/09)

14.Dear Mistress Christy,
I had a really good time with you about 2 week ago.I hope you were happy with me too, and that I can meet you again some time. You are a very beautiful and impressive Mistress. I very much liked serving you. I will contact you soon to make a new appointment- if you were happy with me too.  Humble regards, Robert(25/03/09)

15.Dear Mistress Christy,I am now back in England and would like to thank you very much for the 6 hours we spent together last monday. The six hours went very quickly and I wish I could have spend many more hours with you(maybe next time)
I remember you very well everytime I sat down the day after our session, you took me further with spanking than I have ever been before, but I guess by your standards this was still very light perhaps you will be able take me futher next time if you agree to see me again in 3 months when I am back in Thailand.
I enjoyed our time together very much, you are such a beautiful Mistress who seems to understand exactly what your slave needs without being told. I have to say you must be the NO 1 Mistress in Thailand.
Once again thank you so much for the time you spent with me, and I am still thinking about you all the time, best wishes,
slave peter (9/03/09)

16."How Mistress Christy trained Me to be Her Full Toilet- slave
"I have been Mistress Christy's slave for 6 years. A few weeks ago I felt a strong desire to deepen my commitmentto her. I asked her if she would train me to become her full toilet-slave. She accepted and started a few days later, which gave her time to be careful with her diet.
   I had not seen Christy for a months, and was as horny as hell when she picked meup in her car as I had not come for days, while I waited for my jet-lag to go.
   At the start of my first training session I felt very frightened as I knelt naked before her, but she sensd my fear and gently talk my hand and said" come" as she led me to the toilet, her high heels going "click-clack" on the tiles. She deftly stepped out of her panties and sat on the toilet-seat, while I knelt before her on a soft mat. I admired her black stockings and suspenders as she cuffed my wrists behind my back.

Slowly she let her brown gifts drop in to the bowl, and their scent filled the air, earthy and fruity, not as unplesant as I had imagined it might be. She gently carsed my body as I become used to smell , keeping me erect but not allowing me to come. after a few minutes, she stood up, turning her back to me, put ass-cheeks. "look"she said, and I gazed at her unclean private parts. Then she sat down again,undid my hand cuffs, and wiped herself clean with toilet-paper.

She then handed me the paper and said" smell it". As I brought it close to my nose, she caressed me again, saying" good Boy" in a slow,silky,sensuous voice like a mother talking to a baby boy, all the while stroking my body. I pulled my nose away from the paper and she stopped stroking me." can you smell it bit longer for me?" she siad, as though talking to a child again. I inhaled her aroma onece more, and as I did so she resumed stroking me, but letting me come.

After a few more minutes, she annouced that this part of the session was over, and flushed the toilet.

17.Dear Mistress Christy,How are you?I was last night dreaming of you( actually I think quite often about you) you are a very special woman, very attractive,very smart, very capable in handling a man, very sedxy, in other words, a woman to fall in love with...(slave from switzerland)

18.Dear Mistress Christy, Thank you very much for the great experinece yestrday night. Your are right, you are really something special. I enjoyed it very much. I liked every single thing you've done. Ok, maybe the spanking and the dilldo arroused me not that much but was ok. but bondage and what you did to my nipples was great. Also the spitting and that I took your pantys in my mouth. I enjoyed the pee, sorry that I did not swallow, we may have to work on this. All in all I dreamed the whole night of you.
I looking forward to meet you again, slave Thomas(8/06/2008)

19.Dear Mistress,I want to say thank you for the session this afternoon. As I told you, it was my first session ever. It was really fantastic. I like so much to please you and serve you. I really hope we can meet again soon. Thank you so much.
Your Slave.(26/09/2009)





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